The High Advisor to the Planetary Council of Ardana, or simply High Advisor, was the title given to the executive leader of the government of Ardana.

In 2269, the High Advisor was an Ardanan man named Plasus. (TOS episode: "The Cloud Minders")

After Plasus cut off relations with the United Federation of Planets in that year, the Troglytes of Ardana formed their own government, and selected their own High Advisor. This new leader was an assassination target during the Great Disruption, which ended with the overthrow of the Ardana government seated in Stratos.

By 2377, the word "Elected" was added to the title, presumably indicating a shift to a more democratic government. In that year, a man named Larin Nelois served as Elected High Advisor. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

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