Holan was a male Neyda and magistrate for the Neyda Prime Judicial Bureau.


In 2254, Holan arrested the USS Enterprise's CMO, Doctor Phillip Boyce for the suspected murder of Narten Phayn Drexler. He then spoke with the Enterprise's Captain Christopher Pike showing him evidence that Boyce injected Drexler with a lethal hypospray injection of Metrazene. When Dr. Boyce escaped Holan gave his men sanction to shoot Boyce on sight, despite Pike's objections. He then found Boyce with Ambassador Toluk and was about to shoot him till Pike intervened. He then let Boyce go when Toluk informed of Boyce's Julthan 3 Siras that were within his mind making him do it. (EV comic: "Immortal Wounds")

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