Hommun was a Human male in the 24th century, he worked as a farmer on The Armada. His family had been working in agriculture for eight generations, and he had two sons; Cumin and Kori.

In 2365 his sons found a Romulan torpedo, laced with chroniton particles. They hatched a plan to use the chronitons to treat the crops in The Armada, causing accelerated growth, thus giving the children more free time. Hommun agreed to the plan, but unknown to him his sons went further, sabotaging the chroniton formula to destroy the crops, hoping their family would be forced to leave The Armada when all the crops died.

When crops began to fail Starfleet called in the USS Enterprise-D to investigate. At first Hommun played innocent, pretended he had no idea what could have caused the failings. However once the Enterprise crew determined the cause of the crop failure he admitted to what he had done. Later he and Enterprise crew discovered it was in fact his children who had been responsible when Wesley Crusher convinced them to confess. (TNG comic: "Space Seeds")

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