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Honor Bound is the second Star Trek: IKS Gorkon novel by Keith R.A. DeCandido, published by Pocket Books in 2003.

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From the back cover


The Order of the Bat'leth: founded after Kahless's ascension to Sto-Vo-Kor, the Order was tasked with rooting out dishonorable behavior and spreading the word of Kahless to the Klingon people. In the subsequent millennium, the Order has become more ceremonial, but now Chancellor Martok has called the Order back to its original function -- to preserve the cause of honor.

Captain Klag of the I.K.S. Gorkon -- the newest inductee into the Order -- has given his word to the Children of San-Tarah that the Klingon Empire will leave them in peace. But Klag's old rival General Talak has ordered him to go back on his word and aid Talak in conquering the San-Tarah's world. Now Klag must stand against his fellow Klingons -- but will even his fellow members of the Order of the Bat'leth, not to mention his own crew, follow him into disobedience? Or will they betray him to Talak?

The crew of the Gorkon faces its greatest trial in a glorious adventure that will be remembered in song and story throughout the Empire!


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AnkaraAvokB'EdraB'OraqB'YrakDaqsetDavokDorrekG'jothGoranGrakalHevnaH'TaHussKlag, son of M'RaqKlarisKornanKoxxK'RatakKrevorKurakK'VadaLeskitLokorMarisMartokMorrRodek, son of NoggraTalakToqTrantTriakT'visVekmaVighVokWolWorwagYivogh
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IKS AkuaIKS Ch'marqIKS GogamIKS GorkonIKS Gro'kanIKS JorIKS KalpakIKS KhichIKS K'mpecIKS KreltekIKS NukmayIKS QovinIKS SlivinIKS TagakIKS TajIKS ViddIKS VornarBirok-classKaras-classK'Vort-classQang-classVakk-classVor'cha-class
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USS AldrinUSS DefiantUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EIKS Hegh'taIKS Kri'stakIKS Rotarran


GaltranKavrot sectorKavrot loSmaH SochKavrot 47San-Tarah
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Avenal VIIBrenlekDeep Space 9Ty'Gokor

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Children of San-TarahKlingon
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Klingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireHouse of K'TalHouse of M'RaqOrder of the Bat'lethRuling PackHouse of Varrin
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This novel is set in October of 2376 and begins eight and a half months after the final DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind".

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