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The House of G'Iogh was a Klingon House and an influential member of the Klingon Empire that operated in the 23rd century.

In 2291, its head was Kalnor, son of G'Iogh, who rose up against the Empire and intended to become its new leader. This act plunged the Empire into a civil war, which ended when General Chang killed Kalnor in a blood duel. Despite the defeat of Kalnor, the leadership of his House fell upon the deceased leader's half-brother Melkor. Just like his predecessor, Melkor formed a conspiracy with four other Houses. Aided in secret by theRomulans, Melkor intended to claim for himself the position of Emperor of the Klingon Empire.

Following the death of Chancellor Lorak, Melkor publicly declared himself Emperor, causing forces to polarize between the supporters of Melkor, Chang and Gorkon, son of Toq. As attempts were made by his enemies to claim Tal'Ihnor Gates for its energy reserves, Melkor ordered a suicide run by one of his commanders using an experimental device that caused a supernova, destroying everything in its path. Claiming that if he could not have the system, no one could have it. Melkor's foes gathered, slowly turning his forces back.

Despite this setback, Melkor received new aid from the Romulans. Attempting to stage an attack on Qo'noS itself, the House of G'Iogh and its allies were defeated by a force led by Chancellor Gorkon and General Chang. For its actions, the Klingon High Council discommendated the entirety of the House of G'Iogh, with the survivors either fleeing into the territory of the Romulan Star Empire or hunted down and destroyed if they remained within Klingon space. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)

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