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Hoverball was a popular sport in the 24th century and was played on a court which could either be outside or inside.

Participants in the game would wear a hover suit which was fitted with an artificial gravity, and whose aim was to compete with another player to gain control of a small ball which was also equipped with an antigrav device and propulsion system. As hoverball is a high-impact sport there is a high risk of injury, and all participants are also equipped with helmets. (TNG episode: "Captain's Holiday"; DS9 episode: "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."; VOY episodes: "Remember", "Unity"; VOY short story: "Winds of Change")

In 2373, Kes and B'Elanna Torres participated in several games of hoverball on the USS Voyager's holodeck as a means to channel some of Kes's anger and frustration following her possession by Tieran. (VOY short story: "Winds of Change")


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