Captain Hunter was a Human Starfleet officer, born some time around 2233. (TOS novel: The Entropy Effect)

By the year 2248 (at about the age of 15), Hunter commanded the USS Aerfen, having not yet attended Starfleet Academy. Hunter ran a tight ship and earned the trust and respect of all of her crewmembers. When Hikaru Sulu stowed away aboard the Aerfen following a stop-over of Ganjitsu, she gave the eleven-year old a tour of the ship before returning him home. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

She attended her first year at Starfleet Academy in 2250 with another first year student, James T. Kirk. (TOS novel: The Entropy Effect)

Hunter's place as commander of a squadron along the Klingon Neutral Zone, meant that she and the Aerfen had many skirmishes with the Klingons on a regular basis, which drew the respect of many of her peers, including her long-time friend Captain James T. Kirk.

She was a member of a nine person partnership family in which she had a daughter. She invited Kirk to join them three times in only four years. (TOS novels: Enterprise: The First Adventure, The Entropy Effect)