The Hycombia Confederation was a Confederation located in the Ajman sector. They were the subject of a simulation scenario at the Starfleet Academy.


They have weapons similar to disruptors, and their ships are warp capable, using a matter/antimatter power system. Their hulls are comprised of dentarium composites.


According to the Academy scenario, a Hycombian research vessel was sent to study the Hanab Protostar. It was outfitted with special shielding to withstand the radiation, however it was trapped in its gravity well and its energy reserves were being depleted.

The USS Banting discovered the ship and traced the signal, which led them to Tou Pak's ship. The two ships returned to Hanab but the Hycombians would be unable to tractor the ship to safety. They boosted the Banting's shields and followed it into the protostar in order to tractor the ship out. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator)

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