I, Enterprise, Part 2 will be the thirty-second issue of IDW Publishing's 2011 ongoing series of Star Trek comics. The issue is the second part of a two-part story arc by writer Mike Johnson, releasing in April 2014. Issue art will be by Erfan Fajar , with Roberto Orci credited as creative consultant.


Arriving in a previously unexplored star system, the U.S.S. Enterprise discovered a unusual planet: A perfect black sphere, featureless and flawless. After an away team detected unusual energy readings on the surface, the Enterprise experienced a series of explainable malfunctions, culminating in the separation of the ship's saucer section. Searching for answers, Captain Kirk now meets the one person who might provide them... a humanoid avatar of the Enterprise itself.
Captain's Log, Supplemental.

As a starship captain, expecting the unexpected is part of the job. In my relatively short career, I've already seen things that I could not have imagined. Which makes days like today special. When I see something even more unexpected. The U.S.S. Enterprise stands in front of us, introducing itself.

The humanoid describes himself as an avatar of the ship's computer. It is as if the ship has achieved sentience. It is also clear that planet is sentient, too. The Enterprise is fixed. Mr. Scott is healed. On the bridge, the Enterprise avatar explains everything. The sentient planet was once more like Earth. The species on the planet uploaded into a computer and became one consciousness. This species has gone beyond civilization. Mr. Scott arrives on the bridge. Just as the ship increases its warp core's efficiency, the life-support systems go down. It soon becomes clear that the species are trying to eliminate the ship and its crew. The ship's computer proceeds to return to its mainframe to save them. Spock proceeds to resurrect the new life-form which now has its own mind.

Captain's Log, Supplemental

After the mysterious planetoid safely behind us, we established a ring of quarantine beacons around the system to prevent any other ships from wandering into a potentially lethal situation. All of the survey data from the encounter was lost when we wiped the central computer, but Commander Spock has commenced a study of the unusual humanoid whose lifeless body I am reluctant to jettison into space.

After resurrecting the humanoid, Spock brings Captain Kirk in to meet it. The humanoid now has a mind of its own and cannot remember anything of what has transpired. So far as he is concerned, he is now just another crewmember. However, he can interface with the computer that was once his brain. Kirk is worried about the Prime Directive, but Spock decides that since the humanoid was created by the Enterprise, he is part of the crew. Kirk decides that the new crewmember needs a name. For now, they will just call him by his identification number. His name is Science Officer 0718. That is the end of the story.



James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoy0718Montgomery ScottNyota UhuraPavel ChekovCarol Marcus

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