I-Chaya on Vulcan.

I-Chaya was a domesticated male sehlat who had belonged to Sarek of Vulcan, and then later to his son, Spock. I-Chaya followed Spock out onto Vulcan's Forge when the young boy decided to embark on his kahs-wan challenge early, and defended him when Spock was attacked by a wild le-matya. Though I-Chaya managed to drive the attacker away (with the help of a man calling himself Selek), he was severely wounded and poisoned by le-matya venom. Young Spock, putting logic above emotion, asked that the Healer tending to the sehlat put an end his suffering. I-Chaya's remains were returned to Sarek's family estate and given an honorable burial. (TAS episode: "Yesteryear")

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