Uhura and Kirk draw closer to uncovering the truth surrounding a century-old mystery. Meanwhile, T'Laan and the new cadets find themselves on the brink of elimination from the Centennial Competition.


In the year 2258, Cadet Uhura tracks an unusual audio signal to Wagner-219, a classified region of deep space. But when Cadet Chekov deems their investigation to risky, Uhura seeks assistance from an unlikely source- Jim Kirk. Together, the two have manipulated their way into a restricted Starfleet archive... and the verge of discovery!
Three years later, T'Laan watches as her fellow cadets participate in the Federation's Centennial Competition. Despite Shev's unsatisfactory display in a phaser match, the admirable performances of Cadets Gonzales and Chen have propelled them into the lead. But even as their team begins to bond, a campus party reminds T'Laan jus how alone she truly is.

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Log EntriesEdit

  • Begin mission log. 
    Day 46. Every attempt to escape this anomaly has failed. We aren't powerless. We aren't adrift. We're just "here", whatever that means.
    We never should have come to Wagner-219.
  • Personal log, supplemental. 
    Even though Cadet K'Bentayr failed to illustrate the requested surgical skills, the fact that his subject technically never died allowed the Academy medical board to award Vel partial credit based on "creative measures devoted to the sanctity of of life".
    My individual assessment for later that day. It was a simulated transporter scenario.
    Four away team members are stranded on a hostile planet with rapidly deteriorating surface conditions.
    The goal of the exercise was to isolate and lock onto their patterns through the hazardous atmospheric distortions.
    The first cadet to transport all four members out alive, wins.
    Unfortunately, my performance proved less than adequate.



James T. KirkNyota UhuraSpockT'LaanJuliet BashirBran HendricksHyunJack SomersAlexander MarcusPhilYan
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Slayton (NX-class)
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USS Challenger


Starfleet ArchivesStarfleet AcademyAcademy Medical Center

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Sketia tree



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