Star Trek's all-new cast of cadets sets off on their first mission in space and headlong into a century-old mystery that could change the Academy forever. Meanwhile, Uhura risks her career in Starfleet with her only chance at redemption coming from a most unlikely place.


In the year 2258, Cadet Uhura's investigation into an unusual audio signal from a quarantined region of space has led her and Cadet Kirk to a secret mutiny responsible for the disappearance of the fabled U.S.S. Slayton, their discovery has caught the eye of Admiral Marcus and placed Uhura on the edge of Expulsion from Starfleet.
Three years later, the Centennial Competition continues, Cadet K'Bentayr proved his moral constitution during a medical challenge. T'Laan is bested by the Vulcan delegation during a transporter exercise, causing her to lash out at her teamates and reveal her intention to leave Starfleet. Even with Professor Trumble's encouragement, our cadets are fractured as they depart Earth for the final leg of the competition.

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Log entriesEdit

  • Cadet's log, Stardate 2261.55 
    The Centennial Competition scavenger hunt has brought us to planetoid GP-575.
    Our task is to scan and analyze the atmospheric composition here.
  • Cadet T'Laan's log, supplemental. 
    We have resumed our course on the "scavenger hunt" portion of the Competition.



Shev AkriaGrace ChenLucia GonzalesVel K'BentayrJames T. KirkAlexander MarcusSpockT'LaanNyota Uhura


Planetoid GP-575Wagner-219

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