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The IKS Kaj'Deel was a Klingon battle cruiser in service in the 22nd century.

In 2155, the Kaj'Deel was captured remotely by the Romulan Star Empire using its Telecapture system. The ship was then used to destroy the Klingon deuterium tanker IKS PeD NIHwI'. The crew of the Kaj'Deel was kept barely alive by reducing the life support system's power so that they could not act to regain control of their vessel but anyone scanning the ship would still read Klingon life signs. One female crewmember was able to get into an environmental suit but she was unable to gain control of the vessel. The ship was later used by the Romulans to frame the Klingons for an attack on Draylax. During the battle the Kaj'Deel was destroyed by Klingon forces to prevent knowledge of Klingon dishonor being made public. The female crewmember was able to escape in a pod that was picked up by the Enterprise and she lived long enough to inform Captain Jonathan Archer of the Romulan treachery. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

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