The IKS Kal'Ruq is a Klingon Bortasqu'-class dreadnought battleship under the personal command of Chancellor J'mpok. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)

The Kal'Ruq led Klingon forces in battle against a Starfleet blockade in the Yov'bot system. (STO mission: "Punch Through the Federation Blockade") It also faced off against Federation forces attempting to attack a Gorn minefield in the Tostig system. (STO mission: "Halting the Gorn Advance")

The Kal'Ruq has previously been seen as a Vo'quv-class carrier.



Bortasqu'-class dreadnought/battlecruiser starships
Klingon Empire standard arrangement Bortasqu'Kal'Ruq Klingon Empire
other configurations Bortas-subclass: Bortas

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