The IKS Mauler was a Klingon Defense Force warship active during the late 2280s.

In 2286, the Mauler was under the command of Captain Klanth and was used in a deception against the USS Enterprise-A. A fake ion storm, resembling the one in which the USS Defiant disappeared, and in the same area, was created around the warship, and a false distress call was broadcast. The distress call lured the Enterprise, but Klanth turned down the ship's help. Captain James T. Kirk beamed aboard the Mauler anyway to take Klanth prisoner for trespassing in Federation space, but his transport back to the ship was interrupted, and the Mauler seemed to disappear with Kirk aboard. In reality, Kirk was kidnapped as part of an elaborate ruse, and taken back to the Empire. (TOS novel: Timetrap)