The IKS SuH'ovelya was a Klingon repair ship starship in Imperial Defense Force service in the 24th century. This tender was in active service around the year 2377. (TNG video game: Armada II)

No history or fate is established for this vessel as its name was randomly selected for a tender vessel by the game software.
Klingon repair ships
Klingon Empire Bangjaj'eBasDaSChaq ta'Soppu'boghDaHjaj'ohGhah'ochDaqGhel'Di'ylajGhew'e'lo'wamwlHeghpu'ejHur Daq'lHboghJach PaghLuDechMpuDl'rlntaHPa'ylnejllQa'angQaStaHvisQechvamQelqa'lu'neSQo'jajQi'tu'DaqQorwaghDaqSop ghaHSuH'ovelyaTuQpaVav buSba Klingon Empire

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