The IKS Tagh'rat was a Klingon warship that was under the control of a group of insurgents in the 2350s.

In the early 2350s, the insurgents aboard the Tagh'rat worked with Gerda Asmund on a plan to assassinate Morgen, a Daa'Vit officer serving aboard the USS Stargazer, alongside Asmund.

The Tagh'rat crossed the Klingon-Federation border and awaited for a signal from Asmund that she had completed her mission and had escaped the Stargazer. Thankfully, Morgen survived the attempt and Asmund was arrested aboard the Stargazer. With its mission a failure, the Tagh'rat was escorted back to the Klingon border by the USS Victorious and the USS Berlin, where they were handed over to Klingon authorities. (TNG novel: Reunion)

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