The IKS Rok was a Klingon Empire starship in service in the 2370s decade.

In the year 2372, the Vortacha participated in the Empire's invasion of the Cardassian Union. General Martok's impostor later ordered Vortacha to establish headquarters on the Cardassian planets and colonies it had captured and to get back in formation with the fleet for an attack on Cardassia.

The Vortacha had suffered damage to its aft engines during a battle. As it was preparing to rendezvous with the IKS Negh'Var, the fleet was surprised by the appearance of several Galor-class warships. One of the Cardassian ships headed straight at the Vortacha, destroying the Klingon ship and itself in a suicide run. (DS9 novelization: The Way of the Warrior)

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