The IKS Zan'zi was a Klingon Empire starship in Klingon Defense Force service in the 23rd century. In the year 2287, the Zan'zi, under Captain Jardak, was ordered by Chancellor Kesh to destroy the Klingon prison on planet Pao'la, and to ensure any evidence of Starfleet officers being held there was contained. While en route, Kesh was deposed, and Klingon Councillor Gorkon rose to the Chancellor's seat. Gorkon then issued new orders to the Zan'zi, ordering the Federation prisoners be released safely. As the previous order to destroy the prison was not specifically rescinded, the Zan'zi opened fire on the facility, killing approximately 1000 prisoners and guards. The Zan'zi then transferred the Starfleet prisoners to the IKS Gal'tagh, which returned them to Federation space. (TOS novel: In the Name of Honor)