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The IRW Tyrava was a Romulan Mogai-class heavy warbird starship in service to the Tal Shiar in the early 25th century. (STO - "Romulan Mystery" missions: "By Any Means", "Desperate Measures")

The Tyrava appears to derive its name from Tyrava Ship-Clan, or possibly a member thereof.


In 2409, the Tal Shiar coerced the civilian scientists at Gasko Station to research Borg technology. The Tyrava was one of four Mogai-class warbirds outfitted with the technology. The Tyrava and its sister ships, IRW Bloodfire, IRW Elieth and IRW Taseiv were destroyed by a Starfleet starship, and the critical Borg research was purged from Gasko Station's computer by the lead scientist. (STO - "Romulan Mystery" mission: "Desperate Measures")

Alternate eventsEdit

Tyrava was one four Mogai-class starships docked at Dimorus Station in the Dimorus system in 2409. When the station came under attack from a Starfleet vessel hunting down the Star Empire's Borg research, the crew attempted to quickly reactivate the ship while the prototype of a Borg-adapted Mogai, the IRW Esemar, engaged the Starfleet ship. All Mogai-class warbirds in the system were subsequently destroyed by the victorious Starfleet ship. (STO - "Romulan Mystery" mission: "By Any Means")



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