For the primary universe counterpart, see USS Armitage (prototype).
For other uses, see Armitage.

In the mirror universe, the ISS Armitage (NCC-97300) was an Imperial Starfleet vessel in service in the 25th century.

In 2409, the Armitage was part of the Terran invasion fleet harassing Federation ships in the Beta Ursae sector block. (STO mission: "Defend the Beta Ursae Sector Block")



Ships named Armitage
Federation Starfleet
(primary universe)
USS Armitage (24th century) • USS Armitage (NCC-97300, Armitage-class) • see also: Armitage-class Ufp-emblem Starfleet Command logo
Imperial Starfleet
(mirror universe)
ISS Armitage (NCC-97300, Armitage-class) TerranEmpire
Armitage-class heavy escort carriers
Federation, Starfleet
(primary universe)
Akagi-AArmitageCheronOkitaunnamed Armitage-class starships Ufp-emblem Starfleet Command logo
Terran Empire Starfleet
(mirror universe)
Armitage Terran Empire Logo

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