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For the primary universe counterpart, see USS Sagittarius (NCC-1894).

In the mirror universe, the ISS Sagittarius was a starship in service of the Terran Empire in the 23rd century. The Sagittarius was assigned to Imperial Starbase 47 until its destruction. (Mirror Universe short story: "The Black Flag")

The starship had been under the command of Captain Clark Terrell from at least 2275, after the previous captain's promotion to the Admiralty. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)


In the year 2277, Commodore Diego Reyes, commanding officer of Starbase 47 Vanguard, told his Klingon visitors that he had had issues with the commander of Sagittarius. Reyes's issues ended when the ship suffered a freak accident, which was a warp core malfunction, according to Ganz. After the loss of the ship, the other starship commanders were obedient to Commodore Reyes. (Mirror Universe short story: "The Black Flag")

Ironically, the starship was actually destroyed in 2275, ten minutes after he sent a message to Admiral Spock of the ISS Enterprise, with the express intent that he use it to get civilian Terran scientist Carol Marcus, and her young son, David Marcus, off the station. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)


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