"Icari System Patrol" (formerly "Secure the Icari System") is a patrol mission in the game Star Trek Online, acquired by entering the Icari system in the Teneebia sector of Alpha Centauri sector block.


<rank>, we are in need of your help.

Planetary sensors have detected asteroids of an unknown substance in our orbit. We believe they drifted here from another system.

We do not have the resources required to identify or deal with the asteroids, and we are concerned that their orbit will deteriorate and they could fall to the surface. Would you please study the asteroids and determine their origin and if there is any threat to us?


When a Starfleet ship enters the Icari star system, the native species asks for help determining whether there's a threat from new asteroids that have entered the system. The asteroids, however, turn out to contain the remains of the USS Fleming, destroyed by Nero in 2387.



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Icari system

Races and culturesEdit

Icari system native

Starships and vehiclesEdit

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USS Fleming (Olympic-class)

Technology and weaponsEdit


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