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The Icarus (NCC-1701/3) was a class F shuttlecraft assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2250s decade.

In the year 2254, Starfleet Captain Christopher Pike took the Icarus to journey to Earth after receiving a report his father was critically ill. Unfortunately the message was faked - a trap by Pike's Klingon nemesis, Kaaj, who wished to seek revenge for a blood debt between the two. The Icarus was attacked by the IKS Varchas, Kaaj's command. The Klingons planned to disable the shuttles engines and tow it in, however they mistargeted and Pike was able to avoid them, albeit damaged and crash land on a planet in the system.

The Icarus was severely damaged in the battle, atmospheric re-entry and crash landing. It is not known whether the Enterprise later recovered it. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")


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