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For other uses, see Identity Crisis.


This article is a stub relating to a canon episode. You can help our database by expanding on it.



BaileyAnthony BrevelleBeverly CrusherDataGatesDiana GiddingsGrahamHendrickPaul HickmanGeordi La ForgeSusanna LeijtenMartinezEmilita MendezNelsonAlyssa OgawaJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerDeanna TroiDarien WallaceWorf, son of Mogh
Referenced only 
Paul Bogrow

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Cousteau (Type-15 shuttlepod) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Type-7 shuttlecraft
Referenced only 
USS AriesFederation supply shipNCC-70367NCC-70367 shuttlecraftUSS Victory


TarchannenTarchannen IIITarchannen systemTen-Forward
Referenced only 
Malaya IVStarbase 112

Races and culturesEdit

BetazoidHumanKlingonTarchannen III species

States and organizationsEdit


Other referencesEdit

alienatmosphereaway teambioscanbloodbridgecaptaincaptain's logcccell wall integritychameleoncommandercomputerday watchDNAdoctoremergency beaconemitter moduleensigngeneEM scanengineeringhailhelmsmanhistamineholodeckholoprogramimmune systeminfrared sensorinterferometric frequencyionizing radiationionospherekayolanelieutenantlieutenant commanderlifeformmedical tricordermission logNumber oneobservation loungeoutpostpalm beaconparasitephotosensitivityplanetproximity detectorsandstormsecurity lockoutsedativesensorsensor arraysensor logsickbayspectrographic analysisstardatestarshipthermospheretime indexthymustransportertransporter chieftransporter roomtricorderturboliftultraviolet radiationuniformvector analysisviral crècheVISORvisual recording devicewarning beaconZ-particle


Related storiesEdit


published order
Previous episode:
Night Terrors
TNG episode produced Next episode:
The Nth Degree
Previous episode:
Night Terrors
TNG episode aired Next episode:
The Nth Degree
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
Chains of Command
Pocket Next Adventure:
Chapter 4, Sections 7-10


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