Captain Igrilan Kor was an Andorian Starfleet officer in service in the 23rd century, notable for having commanded the USS Eagle.

He was also renowned for his skills as a tactician and strategist, as well as his love for the finest of Saurian brandy. He is considered one of the Federations staunchest defenders of the time, and served as an idol for thousands of young Andorians on Andoria.

Among his personal qualities, he was one of the most skilled chaka fighters of the age, and in his free time enjoyed cooking food, painting, and composing music. It was said "his handsome, hawk-nosed countenance alternately reflects his devotion to duty, stern compassion, and rugged good humor."

He was given command of the Eagle upon its commissioning in 2247, and was still its commanding officer in 2269. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)


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