The Ilanatava (Tezwan: "Prime Aerie") was the primary government building of the Tezwan Assembly. In the building is the multi-tiered primary council chambers. The upper most level was for the Prime Minister with the level immediately below for the deputy Prime Minister, both of which have exclusive entrances and gilded railings. The three tiers below those were senior cabinet ministers; honored guests sat at a table between the tiers of the general assembly and the dais of the leadership. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

Seats of Government
Palais de la Concorde (UFP) | Great Hall (KE) | Hall of State (RSE) | Tower of Commerce (FA) | Illantava (Tezwa) | Trill Senate Tower (Trill [UFP]) | Presidential Palace (Enoch VII) | Presidential Palace (Treva) | Anwol Kaht (TC)

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