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Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's log, Stardate 47961.2 
    We Are ten minutes from the start of this leg of the Federation cup race. Nine of the twelve yachts are in starting position.
    As is usual, the star is a "running" one. The verification craft from the interstellar yacht Federation is in place, ready to give the starting signal.
    This should be a most interesting leg to watch. The course is a nasty one.
    Captain's log 
    After the false start, the race was restarted. It has been in progress for six hours. Yachts Allul, Kelebek, and Perhonen are presently leading the crowd.



USS Enterprise personnelEdit

Jean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerWorf, son of MoghDeanna TroiData


Mestral (Alanna)CarrigRav

Starships & vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-DAllulKelebekPerhonenArrheinUrrik

Races & CultureEdit

HumanBetazoidKlingonSoong-type androidAsvienneKhihinCynosureThubanirSauchLorherrinEldelaSchedartCarrighaeAlkamin


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