Illuminating the City of Light was a presentation of the Federation News Service regarding the activities of the Federation government in Paris. The presentation featured a regular host, plus a varying panel of guests panelists from government, Starfleet, or other journalistic organizations. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

A female Kriosian named Velisa was host of the presentation through 2380 and into early 2381. (ST novels: Articles of the Federation, A Singular Destiny)

Noted guest panelistsEdit

News Agencies in the United Federation of Planets
Altair Information Syndicate (AIS) | Atlanta Constitution |Bolarus and You (BY) |
Federation News Service (FNS)  | Free Vulcan Gazette (FVG) | Insider Illustrated | Proxima News Service (PNS) | Sebrotnizskeapoierf | Seeker | Tellar News Service (TNS) | The Times | United Press Interstellar (UPI)

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