You might be looking for the Romulan starship class called Shrike class vessels.

The Imperial Shrikes were a highly trained military unit within the Romulan Star Empire.

They were members of the Romulan Star Command's Pacification Command who were deployed rapidly into locations to pacify enemy forces. Their role was similar to that of ancient marines on Earth. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)


The unpublished Last Unicorn Book The Dominion War: Fires of Armageddon mentions the Imperial Shrikes as an elite unit within the Romulan empire and were also known as the Teth Koros. They were recruited from the ranks of the Tal Shava who served as the Imperial Marines and enjoyed an eviable reputation. In addition to their normal military skill, the members of the Teth Koros were trained in the arts of infiltration and sabotage. A single platoon was not only capable of infiltrating enemy territory but also was able to pin down an entire division of enemy troops through the use of assassination tactics, lightning assaults and trickery.

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