Impulse Velocity Projectiles are a non-seeking missile form of weaponry used by the Sha'Kurian species. They are employed on the starships, as well as fighters, of the Sha'Kurian Ducal Territories. These ballistic weapons are fired at a target on a trajectory and it will do so until it impacts on the target or runs out of fuel.

The extensive use of this form of starship weaponry has shaped a diversification of the weapon leading to many different types with different 'payloads'. Bomber are one such example as they possess a guided warhead. Carriers possess two types of projectiles which include Active Terminal Guidance Projectiles which possess a seeking capability similar to Romulan plasma torpedoes. The second type of IVP is the Multiwarhead Projectiles that release smaller warheads as they approach the target and spreading damage over a specific region rather then the limited blast a single warhead would be capable of. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)

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