Imri Keros, or simply the Keros, was a Ruddy Orion man who lived in the late 23rd century. He was both head of the Keros Family, one of the ruling Five Families, and a Council Lord of the governing Council of Trade of the Orion Colony of Daros IV.

Imri was born on Daros IV, and as a young man he joined a trading cruise to Tor III. This wild adventure left him with a jagged scar on the back of his right hand. At the age of 28, he took his rightful position as both head of the Keros Family and as Council Lord, making him the youngest of the current crop of Lords. His willingness to take risks brought wealth and success to his family. This annoyed the older and more cautious Council Lords of the Althori, Beldav and Simri Families, and Merkos Kerav, Council Lord of the Kerav Family counted him his most dangerous rival and was often hostile to Imri.

In time, financial miscalculations and natural disasters, such as the outbreak of Eldor Fruit Rust in the Klethor system, seriously weakened the Keros Family both financially and politically. As a result, wishing to restore Keros fortunes, Imri was the least reluctant of the Council Lords to trade with Federation businesses. The arrival of InstellCo's Illusion and TransSolar's Eridani Star in reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273), each with a cargo hold full of electronics goods to sell and hopes of a negotiating a trade agreement, proved to be a welcome boon for Imri and the Keros Family. They could grow rich reselling Federation electronic and trade goods. Imri was fascinated by the Federation’s advanced technology, but he was unwilling to have Daros IV fall under Federation restrictions on how it was used.

Imri was intelligent and quick-witted, but had a tendency towards arrogance, considering Federation citizens to be dull and placid. However, he remained a polite host and smooth negotiator to those he dealt with, with carefully controlled his body language. He overlooked unintentional rudeness but was intolerant of deliberate insults unless it benefitted him to let it pass.

In reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273), Imri was aged 46, had a height of 5'6" and weighed under 125 pounds, making him fairly short and slender for an Orion. He was a typical Ruddy Orion in appearance, and his skin coloration was very similar to that of a Human. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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