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Incident at Arbuk

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Tracking a shuttle's distress signal to the nearly deserted Arbuk system, the USS Voyager crew encounters an unusual weapon a thousand times more powerful than the starship. Inside the shuttle, the crew discovers an unconscious alien and no more information about the device. Soon Captain Janeway and her crew are attacked by a group of mysterious warships with an interest in the weapon's power. With warp power off line, the crew of the Starship Voyager must find a way to save themselves from a group of aliens desperate to control the superweapon.



BasattJoseph CareyChakotayPeter DawsonThe DoctorMarta DvorakPaul FairmanPablo IglesiasKathryn JanewayKesHarry KimNeelixRichard N'garaPietr OgdanovichDmitri OnasisTom ParisB'Elanna TorresTuvokLi Wong
Referenced only 
EnglehardtDorian Schweitzer


ArbukDelta QuadrantSperia
Referenced only 
Alpha QuadrantEarthFeldersk IVHelorius VIIMernical IIINew RussiaOrdinia IX

Starships and vehiclesEdit

A-Zha-GorA-Zir-ToinA-Zna-TasUSS Voyager (Intrepid-class)

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

MaquisStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weaponsEdit

communicatorcomputerexternal power supplyfire extinguisherholonovelhydroponicsreplicatorthermal mittensviewscreen

Ranks and titlesEdit


Other referencesEdit

Artelian sweetbreadbinary starBlaxan puddingClass McoffeeDabinrootDrayonian red saucedurasteelHamletMaga berrymarbleMetathoraxMorse codePaga stewPegrina Mating ChantphuQuasarred giantTetramyzolTetsorum DVerosan goulashwarp acceleratorwhite dwarfWuthering HeightsXantaxan mushroomYerma sauce


Related storiesEdit


  • On page 73, Captain Janeway incorrectly refers to Lieutenant Tuvok as her first officer.



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