Indarax was a planet within the United Federation of Planets.

It was one of the last worlds colonized by the Andorian Empire and thus was slow to renounce the traditional ways of the Andorian race. There were no natural industry on the planet which was true to the aggressive nature of their ancestors. Instead, the natives turned Indarax into one gigantic center for training of military personnel in various facets of military arts. After the failure of the Federation to discourage this practice, it recognized the rights of the native Indaraxans to conduct their unusual occupation. Thus, they received extensive service in both the Romulan War and the Four Years War which earned the respect as well as the acceptance of the more pacifistic members of the Federation.

By later years, Starfleet maintained a permanent liason and training center run by the Andorians of Indarax. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

FASA states that the Romulan War occured between the UFP and the Romulans which contradicts canon which shows that the Federation was not even formed by that time.

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