An initiate is a Trill individual who undergoes intense screening by the Trill Symbiosis Commission to ascertain if they are suitable for joining with a Trill symbiont.

Jadzia Dax was originally dismissed from the initiate corps by Curzon Dax, who had fallen in love with her. Jadzia later reapplied after Curzon reconsidered and spent three years training until she was joined with Dax. Dax was the only initiate who was successful in making a second application to the process. (DS9 episodes: "Playing God", "Equilibrium", "Facets")

In the 31st century, the Trill Symbiosis Commission assigned initiates Cretia and Janra to accompany Ambassador Dax on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant aboard a Starfleet transwarp vessel. The pair were assigned in case anything happened to Ambassador Dax and the Dax symbiont was endangered, although Cretia and Janra were killed when the transwarp core of the vessel exploded during the mission. (ST short story: "The Law of Averages")

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