InstellCo was a company active in the late 23rd century. They were engaged in shipping, trade of goods and long-range trade expeditions.

It was a small company, but wasn't above criminal activity to compete with larger business, such as its chief rival TransSolar. They even hired Captain Solomon Kane of the pirate ship Werewolf to conduct their business.


In the late 23rd century, InstellCo sent the Werewolf (operating under the name Illusion) to the Orion Colony world of Daros IV, with the aim of negotiating a trade agreement between InstellCo and one of the ruling Five Families, by any means necessary. It arrived in reference stardate 2/1410 (circa 2273), and Kane and his first mate Jack Corrigan spent five weeks unsuccessfully negotiating with Merkos Kerav of the Kerav Family, who refused any fair contract. Eventually they switched their attentions to Imri Keros of the Keros Family, who had more interest and negotiations were opened.

These were threatened by the arrival of TransSolar's Eridani Star, which could outbid their smaller rival IntellCo and was also interested in Keros. Kane and his crew would do whatever they could to disrupt the Eridani's negotiations, from intimidation and robbery, to sabotage of their goods, spying, to attempted murder and a piratical raid. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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