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"The Institute" was a psychiatric facility in operation in the Federation in the mid-24th century, which provided care for patients with mental abnormalities.

In 2374, Starfleet Lieutenant Karen Loews, MD, was assigned to the Institute, and was responsible for the care of a number of patients who had undergone a genetic augmentation procedure called accelerated critical neural pathway formation, and were left with various psychological troubles as a result. Among these patients were Jack, Lauren, Patrick, and Sarina Douglas. (DS9 episodes: "Statistical Probabilities", "Chrysalis")

When Doctor Elizabeth Lense was held for suspicion of having been genetically enhanced, Commander Phil Selden threatened to have her committed to the Institute. (SCE eBook: Oaths)

Jack, Lauren and Patrick were still patients of the Institute in 2376. (DS9 short story: "Signal to Noise")

To date, the full name of the Institute has not been given.

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