Ivra Kerav was a Ruddy Orion man who lived in the late 23rd century in the Orion Colony on Daros IV. He was a member of the Kerav Family, one of the ruling Five Families.

Though he was born on Daros IV to a lesser, cadet branch of the Kerav Family, Ivra left Daros for the main Orion worlds at a young age to seek adventure and build a fortune. At one point, Ivra dealt with Starfleet Intelligence agent Michael Thorn on the Orion homeworld. In time, Ivra rose to command an Orion privateer and developed a reputation as a ruthless and daring captain. This continued until a raid turned into disaster, and Ivra lost his ship and nearly his life.

Ivra spent some time recovering from his injuries, but eventually returned home to Daros IV. He gained a job as Family head Merkos Kerav's broker within the Shadow Market, where he worked as a smuggler and middle-man for the Klingon goods traded from Commander Kothaar to Merkos. In this position, he coordinated with Lieutenant Kolor, and sold on Klingon-manufactured aircars, disruptors and disruptor rifles, and Kolothian Whipcrack. Though not privy to the entire plan, Ivra was able to work out a number of the details.

He was well known within the Shadow Market, and had a network of people (such as Sirav) who could inform him of those seeking him out, usually giving him sufficient time to prepare for a meeting, whether to meet them, move on or call on Kerav Family thugs led by Madrav for protection. During conversation, he also quizzed prospective clients on mercantile matters, such as Federation trade and tariffs on Diristani Neurocoffee, so he could satisfy himself that they were genuine rather than, for example, Starfleet investigators. One base of operations was a bar called Soron's Hole, where he conducted business from a table in a far corner, though he also rented a basic upstairs room.

In reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273), Ivra was aged 52, and though he had a height of 6'1", he was rather thin. He had an unusually dark skin coloration for a Ruddy Orion, and the left side of his face was scarred by a blaster burn. Also unlike other Orions, he wore a plain black tunic and cloak, in preference to flashier dress. The cloak also hid the disruptor holstered at his hip.

He had a reckless streak, but this was diminished following his near-death experience and the scars he still carried. Generally he seemed calm, quiet and slow to act, but this concealed that he was used to instant obedience and could leap into action in an instant. His smile was bitter and ironic. Though loyal to Merkos Kerav, Ivra was ambitious and served the Family purely for money and to advance his own branch of the Family. He would reveal what he knew of Merkos’s plan if sufficiently threatened. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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