Ixion was a planet in the Xer system, located inside the Tabula Rasa. Ixion was a volcanic world, rich in dilithium and other minerals.

In the year 2292, on stardate 9004.3, a group of Taubat settlers on Ixion launched a rebellion against their government. The Taubat believed the rebellion was religious in nature, and asked for assistance from the Klingon Empire-- who had recently demonstrated their combat prowess by wiping out the Taubat on Taal. They claimed the incident on Taal was the result of a misunderstanding, the Taubat race having been severely affected by the Tabula Rasa's transition into normal space (which was caused by Project Shiva, an experimental subspace weapon), and offered the Klingons exclusive mining rights to Ixion's mineral wealth if they assisted in putting down for rebellion; the Klingons, desperately in need of resources and eager to colonize the planet, agreed.

Klingon forces reinforced the loyalist Taubat settlements and crushed the rebels, winning them the rights to the planet. In the process, however, they discovered Orions among the enemy camps and concluded that that the Orion Syndicate was responsible for provoking rebellion.

However, after defeating the rebellion, the Taubat government refused to grant the Klingons the mining rights they sought, and instead attempted to sign a treaty with the United Federation of Planets. The Klingons responded by launching an attack on the Taubat capital, the planet of Mazikaan. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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