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Ja'tesh was a female Klingon in the 2260s, who was a colonist on Traelus II. She detested the militarism of the Klingon Empire and sought a peaceful life on the colony there. Her mate was Kraloq, who she went hunting with. On one hunt in 2268, they discovered a group of Tholians testing a humming device. In the ensuing altercation, Kraloq was killed and the three Tholians also. However, their leader Festrene, managed to turn the device on in her final moments. To Festrene's horror, rather than debilitating the Klingon woman in front of her, it killed Ja'tesh traumatically, and also the rest of the colony. Their bodies were found by a landing party from the USS Defiant, which was subsequently attacked by Tholian ships attempting to cover up their unfortunate misdeed at the Klingon colony. (VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

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