Jack Henderson was a Human man and a member of Starfleet security in the 24th century.

He'd recently graduated from Starfleet Academy when he served aboard the USS Starbound circa 2359, on a training cruise for graduates, as one of the trainees. With his great size and strength, Henderson could not be knocked over by any of the other Security personnel.

He was manning the security post on the bridge when the Starbound was attacked by an Orion pirate vessel. Henderson wasn't their best shot, but was described as strong and not prone to panic, so Security Chief Darryl Adin recommended that Ensign Tasha Yar give him one of the ship's still-functioning hand-held phasers, and joked that she should use him for cover. Yar replaced Henderson on the bridge.

Henderson was shot when Orions stormed the bridge. (TNG novel: Survivors)

It is not clear if Henderson was killed as well.


USS Starbound personnel

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