Jaid was a Nalori male who lived in the 24th century. He was jet-skinned with dark-magenta facial hair and had several scars on his face. He once served on a old Bird-of-Prey with Klingon mercenaries and visited several Klingon worlds.

In the 2370s, he worked for Iliana Ghemor. In 2377, Jaid greeted Taran'atar on Harkoum and told him Ghemor was waiting for him. Taran'atar informed Jaid of Prynn Tenmei's presence on the IKS noH'pach. Jaid boarded the ship and moved threatingly towards Tenmei, but was distracted by the sound of phaser fire. This enabled Tenmei to attack him. She was soon able to wrap her shins around his neck, choking Jaid and eventually she snapped his neck. (DS9 novel: Warpath)