Doctor Jain Suni was a quantum field theoretician born in 2240. She studied at New Northern Cal circa 2263, where she worked as research assistant to David Kincaid. At that time, she briefly met James T. Kirk at a reception on Earth. She was teamed with Dr. Bendes Kettaract in late 2265 or early 2266 to assist him in his efforts to synthesize a stable Omega molecule.

Suni was apparently also an agent or associate of Section 31, and was responsible for sending a person named "Max" to deal with Captain Jack Casden of the USS Sphinx when he discovered Kettaract's extralegal activities. Suni died in 2268 when an Omega particle finally created by Kettaract instantly destabilized, damaging a large volume of subspace in and around the Lantaru sector. (TOS - Section 31 novel: Cloak)

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