For other uses, see James.

"James" was the name given to an identical duplicate of Captain James T. Kirk created by Omne via the Phoenix Process. The duplicate was named so by Spock to differentiate him from the original Kirk, whom he knew primarily by the less formal "Jim."

Omne hoped to use James to bend Spock to his will, but James was rescued by Spock and the Romulan Commander and taken to the Enterprise. Since only one Kirk could be in command, James, having to start a new life elsewhere, chose to accompany the Commander back to the Romulan Empire, and was surgically altered to pass for Romulan. (TOS novel: The Price of the Phoenix)

James and the Commander tracked Omne to the Voran Dynasty Hegemony Conference, where they had also planned to abduct the Doyen of Thorva. However, James was marooned, along with Omne, on a planet in another universe. (TOS novel: The Fate of the Phoenix)

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