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James Joyce (February 2, 1882-January 13, 1941) was a Human writer.

James Joyce invented a synthetic language named Eurish for his last novel, Finnegans Wake. (TOS novel: Spock Must Die!)

Montgomery Scott once mistook James T. Kirk's statement about liquor making information flow faster for a James Joyce quote. (TOS novel: Faces of Fire)

When Miles O'Brien first came on board the USS Enterprise-D and the holodecks were a novelty to him, he once constructed a recreation of a Dublin pub and had drinks with James Joyce, his favorite author. (TNG novel: Reunion)

The Enterprise-D had all the works of Joyce, along with those of many other authors whose works had once been banned. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

During a conversation with a Laihe, Jean-Luc Picard wished that James Joyce had had some input into the universal translator's programming, as his works bore some similiarities to Lalairsa. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

In 2371, Adam Halliday was working on translating James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake into Ferengi. (TNG novel: Do Comets Dream?)

By 2376, Data had been meaning to upload the collected works of James Joyce into his active memory for "ages." (TNG short story: "Bluff")

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