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Jamie Finney was a human female born in the mid-23rd century to former Starfleet officer Ben Finney. She was named after family "friend" James T. Kirk.


With only her father and people in space for role models, growing up was fast and difficult for her. As a teen, she once blamed Kirk for the death of Lieutenant Commander Finney. When a court of law proved it was a hoax out of revenge to discredit Finney's captain, she withdrew her resentment of him. Jamie cooperated in the search and capture of her dad. (TOS episode: "Court Martial")

As an adult, having been on her own most her life, Jamie came to know Klingon Dahar master Kor. She impressed Kor as a young Starfleet lieutenant, and he invited her to join his mercenary crew after his discommodation from the Klingon Empire. She served as his first officer for twenty years, until his supposed death in the early 24th century. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")

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She was an esteemed guest aboard the USS Enterprise-D, having a close friendship with Picard, Riker, and Alexander Rozhenko, especially. Unknown to the crew, she was on a secret blood oath to defend Kor's house honor. Keeping her true age ambiguous, she later confessed to Will Riker and Worf her true reasons aboard their vessel, and that she was trained by Vulcan mind technique masters for not only slowing her aging process, but also the rigors of prolonged hand-to-hand combat. Her focus and discipline was at the very limits for her species, let alone Vulcan or Klingon. Which, with her dying breath, she reminded every warrior of her humanity. After the duel had ended, Worf, Riker and Alexander all shared a private wake for her in Ten-Forward, and held a Klingon death ritual for their beloved friend. (TNG comic: "Cry Vengeance")



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