Jamin was a Bajoran male with dark skin who appeared in a vision sent to Kira Nerys by the Prophets in 2377. Jamin was a General in the Bajora army and Kira's closest subordinates. He rode a zhom called Denigarro.

In the vision, Jamin met with Kira near Parek Tonn and the pair discovered the Eav'oq had occupied it to defend themselves against the Ascendants. Jamin did not believe in attacking the Eav-oq due to their unpreparedness for a siege. Jamin later joined Kira in leading the Bajora forces against the Ascendants. He was killed in the battle. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

"Jamin" is a shortened version of "Benjamin", who Jamin was similar in appearance to.

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