Jan was a 23rd century Human man. By the 2280s, Jan had joined the crew of space station Regula I, as the facility's steward.

When Khan Noonien Singh used the Federation starship USS Reliant to travel to the station and board the facility in the year 2285, the laboratory complement were taken prisoner by Khan's boarding party. Jan's was the second throat slit by Khan when the augment superman tried to "convince" the scientists to give up the secrets of the Genesis Device. (TOS - Duty, Honor, Redemption novelization: The Wrath of Khan)


Spacelab Regula I personnel and residents
(prime reality)
JanJ. Adzhin-DallZ. Chitirih-Ra-PayjhV. MadisonD. MarchC. MarcusD. MarcusYoshiunnamed Regula I personnel Ufp-emblem
(Kelvin timeline)

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