Janíce Kerasus was a female human born in 2210. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 1) A Starfleet officer, she served as ship's linguist aboard the USS Enterprise in 2275. (TOS novels: The Wounded Sky, My Enemy, My Ally, Doctor's Orders, et al)

In 2285, she served under Kirk when he was put in temporary command of the USS Excelsior. (TOS - Double Blind comics: "Part One", "Part II")

She continued to be active into 2375, working on Starbase 92 to decrypt Dominion codes during the Dominion War. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 1)

Kerasus also appeared in the video game The Kobayashi Alternative, the story of which was written by Diane Duane. Her first name is spelled without the acute accent in The Wounded Sky and Doctor's Orders.
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