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Jane Tiberia Kirk

Jane T. Kirk

Jane Tiberia Kirk was a 23rd century female Human Starfleet officer best known as the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Enterprise in a parallel universe affected by the alternate reality created by Nero.


On the day that Jane was born in the year 2233, her mother served as the captain of the USS Kelvin for eight minutes before her death. She was raised by her father who instilled within her the belief that anything was possible. (TOS - Parallel Lives comics: "Part 1", "Boldly Go, Issue 14")

In the 2250s decade, Kirk attended Starfleet Academy but did not graduate, instead being promoted to captain in record time in 2258. (TOS - Parallel Lives comic: "Part 2")

Prior to 2261, the Enterprise, under Kirk's command, visited Nibiru and embarked on a five-year mission of exploration.

On stardate 2261.274, it surveyed the pre-warp civilization on Kassen V. Captain Kirk allowed members of an oppressed species to escape their captors. Afterwards, Admiral Thomas and dispatched the Enterprise to investigate a "lightning storm"-like anomaly in the Campor system. (TOS - Parallel Lives comic: "Part 1")

On stardate 2261.234, the Enterprise was pulled in an unknown region of space by a quantum storm. It encountered another USS Enterprise from a universe that closely paralleled their own, except that everybody was of the opposite gender. Captain Kirk met a male version of herself named James Tiberius Kirk. Aside from his gender and the fact that he lost his father rather than his mother as an infant, the male Kirk's life closely paralleled her own. The two Captain Kirks and their crews joined forces to return each Enterprise to its respective realm. (TOS - Parallel Lives comic: "Part 2")

A year later, the Enterprise found a phenomenon to the quantum storm where they saved an alternate Enterprise commanded by an alternate Christopher Pike from a Klingon vessel commanded by an alternate male version of herself. (TOS comic: "Boldly Go, Issue 13")

As more and more Enterprises began to appear, Kirk was hailed by the male version she had previously encountered, now in command of the USS Endeavour. The two witnessed the alternate Pike's Enterprise being attacked by the Klingon ship before the latter craft was disabled by another Enterprise. The inter-dimensional then flared and teleported Jane onto Vulcan where she encountered Leonard McCoy and a mechanical version of Uhura. Taking command, Kirk soon pieced together the situation before an alternate Spock arrived in a Vulcan spacecraft. To the shock of both her and McCoy, the alternate Spock informed them the planet was the original Vulcan, with Earth having been destroyed by Nero in this timeline. (TOS comic: "Boldly Go, Issue 14")


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